This is the third, the first being Crunch, and the second being six sentence story copy.jpgPlugged, all written as Six Sentence Stories, the weekly prompt hosted by Denise at GirlieOntheEdge. Head on over to share  your six sentence story that uses the word ‘milestone’. 



Mom never said too much when we were both boxing, especially when we fought against one another, but now she’s practically my publicist, promoting my matches so she can promote my brother, updating the press and the fans as to his condition, telling them, “He’s off the respirator, breathing on his own, a milestone, but still in the fight of his life.”

The papers loved her and her unwavering faith that my brother would emerge from his coma, her belief that he would recover, but they also loved the story of how he got there, beaten unconscious by his little brother in a boxing match.

Mom downplays that as much as she can, says things like, “He used to fight with his brother, now he fights for his brother,” and I go along with Mom’s brotherly love story, get in the ring as often as I can to try and help out with the medical bills.

My matches sell out, packed with people hoping to see me lose my temper again, hoping to see me beat another man almost to death, but the fans have been disappointed. I, who was leading in my division, am fighting like a third rate amateur, not hitting hard enough, letting my guard down; I haven’t won a match since putting my brother in the hospital.

Mom listened to the fight in my brother’s hospital room, but she doesn’t say anything about my latest loss; she’s too full of news about him, claims he smiled, another milestone.

20 thoughts on “Fixed

  1. ah! ‘the sweet science’*
    Very powerful Six.
    Boxing is, imo, a good example of cultural evolution. Unfortunately the majority, at the present moment in our culture, does not appear to notice the stench and gore that’s an inevitable result of wearing badly tanned animal skins.

    * I really just wanted to use the expression, not exactly ‘and then he turned’ when it comes to writing practice.

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    • Not sure what I think of boxing. Seems a hard way to make a buck. Jack London seemed to know a thing or two about it, it recurs in some of his stories. This is just a small tale of a younger brother whose older brother is always egging him on and telling him he “let him win” when they compete.
      Thanks for coming by.


  2. How sad!
    I’ve been behind on my posts to SSS and on my reading of other SSS posts. I just sent back to read Crunch and Plugged. Will we be reading more about these two brothers? I could see these being the start of a book, and not necessarily one about boxing.
    My dad used to love watching the Friday night fights on TV years ago. It wasn’t my cup of tea.

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    • Hi Pat! Yes, it is hard to keep up with everyone some weeks. I am gratified that you went back to read the entire trio. None of this was or is planned, but at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if the story continues. All depends on the prompts!
      Thank you for coming by.


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