Six Sentence Smackdown

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It is Six Sentence Story time again, and this week’s prompt word is vessel. Last week our host prima prompter Denise wrote a poem. SSS regular Clark of the WakefieldDoctrine made the comment that poetry was for girls. This girl challenged him to write a poem.  Do click over to see Clark’s admirable response to my challenge. My six sentences are a Sicilian sestet poem.



Was a man, I know not his name- was it Roger? Clark? Or Scott?

Whomever ‘twas, he wrote prolifically, his prose was something special;

but found adversity in verse, you see, but this week we’ll see just what he’s got.

Poetry was not the ship he sailed, to carry words it was not his favorite vessel;

but he talked smack, no takin’ back, so here the battle of poetic form is fought.

Fighting with gurrls, making a switch to ferry from ship, with his manly words he’ll wrestle.


Now it’s coming back to me, yes the man is our own dear Clark

he’s stood up and laid a poem down despite discomfort and feeling nervous.

He says he’s averse to penning verse, yet his pen has found its mark,

perhaps in goading him to act on this whim I’ve done him and his readers a service.

And it goes to show that you never know what good may come of a lark;

poems is for girls he said then took me on and wrote beautifully in versus.

18 thoughts on “Six Sentence Smackdown

  1. damn!*
    In the course of the previous week, I read enough about poetry, styles and how-to articles to equip me to…. recognize the term sestet.** Thats it… recognize it as a type of formal verse.
    Seriously, though, I enjoyed your post, in no small part due to it being fun and accessible. (Surely one of the original misconceptions about poetry is that it mostly is neither, fun nor accessible.)

    Thank you for the challenge last week. My writing will be better for it.

    *compliment on writing a poetry that’s engaging while conforming to a deliberate structure… v cool.
    ** in Doctrine parlance that places me in the category: high-probablity clark lol…. Despite not being able to learn to write a formal verse poem in a week… I totally enjoyed wading through the information.

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    • I never paid too much attention to forms before coming to he blogosphere and have enjoyed the education as well. I also agree that poetry can be fun and accessible. I can also tell you that poems about chickens crossing the road and general roadkill (Chicken Shift) can get some disparaging sniffles and raised eyebrows. However I write for myself, such as I am. Glad you enjoyed this entire episode. I did.


  2. hey! wait up…. (sadly it often takes me longer to write a comment to another’s post than it takes to write my post)…. missed stanza two while I wrote the comment above.

    I see the rhyme!! (No, seriously, I spent some time this week in places that spoke of rhyme scheme such as ABAB CDCD EFED GG Wait… just went back I, like, totally missed the rhyme scheme in the first stanza… see it now. lol)

    fun stuff, yo

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was ready for you with the first stanza then had to do more after your lovely and serious response to the challenge. Yep, we’ve been out of synch or caught in the gears, but think we’re all set now. Two stanzas is all you get.


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