Fragrant #writephoto

Something came to me for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt this week. Head over the the Daily Echo to see other’s take on the prompt. 


By Any Other Name                                                                               by D. Avery

Stroke has kept her from her beloved rose garden, poor dear. So I bring it to her, one vase at a time, only one, for there isn’t a clear surface for more than that in her small cluttered room. I have been mindful to cut from all the varieties, to include all the colors of her splendid roses. She can’t speak, but every time I bring her a bouquet she tries to thank me, thin breath rasping on quivering lip and I say, hush now, it’s all right, I know how you love your roses. A tear of gratitude invariably falls down her cheek, and I get weepy too, reminded of the healing power of kind deeds. I shall continue always to tend her roses and bring them to her, for they bring her such joy.

Damn fool! Not more roses. How can you go into that garden every week and walk right by my favorite plants? Don’t you notice how they hum with bees? Haven’t you noticed how long their beautiful blooms last? Everything else is just background for them. Don’t you brush against them when you walk by and then smell the rich fragrance that lingers long in the sun-warmed air?

Roses, bah. I can endure the indignities of this stroke, but I get so mad at you and those damn roses every week it brings tears to my eyes. I am doing my therapies. I will speak again, and my first word to you will be ‘Lavender’!


32 thoughts on “Fragrant #writephoto

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  3. I often wonder if we get it wrong when trying to make our loved ones happy. Roses would not be my first choice either but people seem to assume all women love roses. A great little story, makes one think.

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    • Unfortunately the best bits of roses aren’t in the cultivars that are meant for bouquets. The old roses didn’t cut well or last long but are incredibly fragrant with interesting colors. My favorite rose is plain old R. rugosa, the wild beach rose. Hardy and fragrant. But yeah, roses can be a bit of a hallmark flower.


  4. I love this story it is all about the mistakes we make whilst trying to do good! Yet the best thing for me is the fact that this simple mistake is spurring her on to get better. It brilliant a double twist! He is doing well by doing wrong. 💜

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