A Heavily Linked Announcement

What?! Posting on a Tuesday? Me?

This post is not a response to Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales or d’Verse’s Tuesday Poetics. It’s not a tanka or haiku or some other poetry form for Colleen Chesebro’s weekly challenge. Nor am I squeaking another flash in under the wire for the Carrot Ranch prompt and nor am I looking ahead to the Six Sentence Story prompt (which, by the way is “strip”).

This post is an announcement, one that affects me way more than you.

Announcing: I am going to go a week (maybe more?) of being internet free. No blogging in any way shape or form, no tweeting, no reading on-line. Beginning at midnight. Ready or not.

The greatest challenges will be in not reading Charli Mills‘ post on Thursday; in not reflecting on and responding to her thought provoking and eloquent prose; in not reading and responding to all the other responses to her post and prompt. I tell myself it will all be there later.

So why? Why this, why now? I don’t know. Maybe the week will be akin to what Norah Colvin portrays in her latest flash for Carrot Ranch. Maybe a rest will show me some progress and insight. Maybe I need to take a break because I have stooped to posting a picture of my cat. Whatever, it will be an interesting experiment and dang I’m going to miss the Ranch. What will all my characters do? Maybe the experiment is about answering that question. I will write, but the old fashioned way- in seclusion, unprompted, with no audience, other than that cat. And the sourdough.

I am fairly certain that book sales will be unaffected by my week off. It’s possible I’ll end up drifting away from writing and just flip flapjacks and bake bread. If I drift back this way, I’ll let you know, either through telling or through showing, how the experiment went.

Go ahead, like this and leave a comment, but know that I will not be responding for a while as I will not be reading. Beginning at midnight. Or bedtime, whichever strikes first.

I dread the week ahead for what I’ll miss. But perhaps I’ll find something that I have been missing.

See you next Wednesday?

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12 thoughts on “A Heavily Linked Announcement

  1. Well, I totally understand your sabbatical, D. Just so you know, I have plans to leave Facebook. The joy is gone. By the end of February, I’m moving to a platform called MeWe.com. No ads, no BS, no hacking… A much slower way of life. All of this social media stuff doesn’t help sell books. Our blog posts do. The way I see it, the blogs are plenty for me. It’s all exhausting. Enjoy your time. I’ll be thinking of you. ❤

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  2. A break is good! Go be! Flip some flapjacks, let the dough and stories rise. A cat. Yeah, I saw that. Worried a bit, but glad you’re not catatonic. See ya when ya get back! That Ranch’ll be there.


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