Foreseeable Destiny

Foreseeable Destiny

In the vaulted space beyond the grand colonnades the prophetess grew impatient with the plebeians. How dare they entreat her to wash her hands!
“And where’s your Destiny Doll? Don’t leave Granma’s gift outside.”
The voice of the prophetess rumbled from the temple as if from a deep cave. “Destiny has been swallowed whole by an earthquake. Only a great prophetess can save her.”
“Marlie! Now!”
The prophetess foresaw trouble. The colonnades were reduced to table legs as she scrambled out of the desecrated temple.
Even with her great powers it was ill advised to clash with the Titans.



I have yet another response to the Carrot Ranch colonnade prompt.
This little girl recently reappeared for a six sentence story and apparently wasn’t finished. She first showed up at Carrot Ranch as a warrior.

9 thoughts on “Foreseeable Destiny

  1. This is gorgeous, D. I had toyed with table legs too, but you have made them much more majestic and powerful than I would have. I’m pleased the prophetess was able to foresee her destiny and acted accordingly. 🙂

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