Destiny’s Fate

Destiny’s Fate

Marlie was both pleased and annoyed by the buzzing presence of her visiting grandparents, of being the center of attention and of getting gifts she didn’t really like. Even her mother said something about this latest one, letting her granma know that she didn’t think she’d ever play with a Barbie doll.

“Of course, she will, what little girl wouldn’t, and it’s not a Barbie, her name is Destiny Doll; she can do anything.”

Taking Destiny outside, Marlie went to her trucks that were parked at the mound of dirt at the end of the backyard, thinking Destiny might fit in the big Tonka dumper, but Destiny got caught, it was a terrible accident, and scraped her leg pretty good when Marlie rescued her, heroically pulling her from the vehicle.

After Marlie used grass shears to cut the doll’s big hair short so it wouldn’t get dirty and tangled, Destiny became a spelunker, exploring a network of caves that Marlie created in the mound of dirt, but unfortunately tragedy struck in the form of an earthquake and subsequent landslide.

Trapped beneath the rubble, Destiny could not hear the summons to lunch, could not see brave Marlie running across the expansive fields of the small backyard, running to the cursed castle where the intrepid girl would tempt fate once more.

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It’s story time, Six Sentences at a time. The prompt word is “destiny“. The prompter is Denise of GirlieOnTheEdge. The time is now to write a Six Sentence Story. Get your ink to the link.

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