The Artist

Uh, I added another 99 words to the original response to the Carrot Ranch graffiti prompt.


working-template-for-ff-challenges84.pngAt Carrot Ranch a post about winter lake snow storms and artistic collaboration led to a prompt about graffiti. “In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about graffiti. It can be an artist, art or the medium itself. Get out your can of spray paint and go where the prompt leads you.”  You might recognize the school secretary in this double 99 word story. Hint: after school she’s going to have a beer or two in  a two bay garage with her friends Ernest and Marge

“Ms. Higginbottom, you do recall that I’m the principal?”

“Bob, I’m not calling.”

“Graffiti can’t be tolerated. And you know this boy has problems.”

“And suspension’s a solution, Bob?”

“What can be done, Ms. Higginbottom?”

“Pull him from Health and Geography. Put him in Art, Theatre Workshop.”

“Health and Geography are required courses!”

“I see more of him than…

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