Hog Blop?

Open House at ShiftnShake

I plan very little. It usually works out for me. For example, I never planned on getting married; I’ve been married for 34 years and it only gets better with age. I never planned on having children- and didn’t. I never planned on a career in education either and it has overall been a gratifying and satisfying 21 years of teaching. It may or may not be apparent that I am not much of a planner when it comes to writing either, though I will admit to giving an idea or character some free range in my headspace. Because I don’t plan on jeopardizing that headspace I wear a helmet when it makes sense to do so.

Though it wasn’t plotted or planned, I realize I may have just been through an unplanned blog tour. If you unwittingly were a part of that, no harm, no foul. If you were wittingly a part of that- well, I’ll just say thank you very much. You’re very kind.

Sometimes the best unmade plans turn out better than hoped for. Here’s where I have trod if not toured: on November 24th I was a guest blogger at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo; then the next day Sally Cronin featured After Ever as a new book on the shelves of her Café and Bookstore; and the ever generous Marcia Meara allowed a reblog of that at The Write Stuff. Presently I am featured at Fiona Mcvie’s fun site, authorsinterviews, where you can find out more about me than I myself care to know. Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, they’re likely gathering up a posse to enforce a restraining order against all my unrestrained comments and responses.

Unplanned as it may be, let’s call my good fortune at having been allowed at these generous bloggers’ sites a Blog Tour. Let’s pretend this is another planned stop on the tour, an open house with plenty of tabs and links and archives. Welcome, and please, look around.

And be sure to see the interview at Fiona’s authors interviews .

This is my latest book!


Version 2 (1).jpg

Maybe it is good to move away from chickens? I have learned that any character can pester you. At least this one stays ashore when I take to the water in my kayak.









Had I seen this cartoon before writing Chicken Shift I would have realized I didn’t need to write Chicken Shift. But you should still buy it and read it for less definitive theories..


After Ever is a collection of little stories for grown children. Does this child realize that Chicken Shift is serious philosophical poetry?






After six weeks of traveling for radiation, the girls came over to celebrate. Here I am in my book cover with my prima primary care giver, former school nurse and now full time artist, Bonnie of crescentsandcoils.


6x9_Front_EN newest final cover  copy.png

This second volume of poetry is personal. I wish I never had the inspiration for some of the poems in it. And I learned so much.












CB 11-5.jpg

This is the book launch, my debut reading of After Ever at a local establishment. The good news is there are two librarians in the mix. This event was planned though I did not check to see if it was dart night or not. It wasn’t. The sharpest thing was the prose.


Okay, I know it says Little Stories for Grown Children, but I’ll take any readers, even pre-readers. And I’ll tell you what, if you start a story with “Once upon a time..”, you have an audience. These two did enjoy “The Quill’s Magic”.


Did I mention I have a book of flash and short fiction out?













Some people are writers and don’t even know it

Say shucks I’m just a sometimes some sorta poet

Deny writing like hiding addiction

Despite airing weekly flash fiction

With a third book, maybe someone’s finally ready to show it.

16 thoughts on “Hog Blop?

  1. I don’t know where to start, but I’m pleased your lack of planning got you to where you are. I didn’t plan on meeting you or on reading all your books, but I’m pleased that both eventuated and I didn’t need a helmet for either. Keep writing, you writer you.

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