It’s Marge and Ilene with some backstory for the Thanksgiving dinner episode entitled Wielding and Yielding.


“Fine! Go on without me, Ilene, you and Betty enjoy your walk.”

“Marge, what’s wrong?”

“Not a thing, go ahead, go be my mother’s old dead friend Ida, I’ll walk on my own without my live friend Ilene. You two have fun.”

“Marge you’re jealous.”

“She always thinks you’re Ida, but I never know who she’ll think I am, just that it’s usually someone she didn’t like.”

“I’m sorry, Marge. Maybe I like doing things with Betty because I miss my own mother.”

“Well, I miss my own mother too, Ilene, the one that answered to Mom, not Betty.”

8 thoughts on “BFF’s

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  2. Ah, this one nailed me right through the heart, D. You caught those emotions in turmoil that are ultimately rooted in the loss of mom even though she’s still in the flesh. Good one! I can see how this story is shaping up in a bigger picture.

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