Graphic Litter-a-ture

“Are those crates of comic books in the back of the El Camino?”

“Those aren’t comic books Ernest, those are Illustrated Classics, all the books a person should’ve read, but in a way you can expect them to actually read. Marge just hauled these up out of my mother’s basement for me; she’s had these since I was a kid.”

“Yeah Ernest, Ilene feels like she needs to brush up on her litter-a-ture now that she’s dancing with the literati himself, good old Mumble-mouth Lloyd.’

“Ilene, is being well read part of Lloyd’s requirements, or yours?”

“Mine alone Ernest; Lloyd reads me well, but he doesn’t write me.”

***   ***   ***

six sentence story copy

By now we all recognize these characters but for a refresher go to their page HERE for their full story. We also recognize the iconic book cover to the left, indicating another Six Sentence Story prompt from Denise at girlieontheedge . This week’s prompt is “classic“. I also included last week’s prompt, “requirements” to make up for missing last week.


16 thoughts on “Graphic Litter-a-ture

  1. damn!*

    *liking the Six, suspecting much going on in Subtext-ville, hints and allusion aplenty!

    (For the record, I’d like someone to have a word with ole’ Ernest and suggest he might want to lighten-up a bit on Lloyd. The sooner he accepts that his ship has sailed, the better.**)

    **lol. just sayin’

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  2. Did you have those? Maybe they were called Classics Illustrated, but they were the classics of literature in comic book format. So I was reading Dickens and Hawthorne and everything else at a very young age and rereading to complete assignments or just to brush up when I was older. We had stacks of them in the reading room (bathroom) when I was a kid. {Maybe that was too much information.} Either way it was a quarter well spent, those Classics Illustrated. This was before graphic novels and even cliff notes.

    It will be a means for Ilene to keep up with the well read Lloyd. Though she won’t find the Japanese poems and novels that he prefers.


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