IGWRT button.jpgHaving never heard of a  tritina before  I thought I would try the the fussy little form challenge put out by imaginary gardens with real toads. Here is their definition of tritina: It is a ten-line poem with three tercets and a final line, featuring three repeating, non-rhyming line-end words, like this:  

The final line contains all 3 words as 1-2-3

I am also using this form to respond to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing prompt # 76 in which she asks for 63 words in response to “unlock”.



****    ***   ****   ***   ****

Mute angers pace within their pen

the locked gate a stubborn silence

the key misplaced like blame.


Picking through strewn blame

together searching for the key to open

themselves up and end the smothering silence.


On rusty hinges slowly swings the creaky silence

unshackled blame

is let go, anger leaves the unlocked pen.


Repentant apologies break the silence as two shoulder their blame.



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