Talk Pretty To Me

six sentence story.jpgThe Six Sentence Story prompt word this week from Denise at Girlie At the Edge is “critical”. I had decided not to be too critical of myself for giving it a miss; it’s a busy time just now. But … Marge wanted the scoop on Ilene and Lloyd so…

Two segments follow, both six sentences and both 99 words. The first segment includes the SSS prompt word, the second hearkens back to a recent Carrot Ranch prompt– look for a pasta reference.


Talk Pretty To Me

“You’ve been silent on the matter long enough, Ilene, when are you gonna tell me how things are going with you and Lloyd?”

“It’s going real good, Marge, but I don’t want you to be critical, Lloyd’s real… special.”

“Oh, he’s special all right, you think I don’t know that? I’m the one that hired him out at the dealership, hell he’s worked under me for years.”

“I know you look out for Lloyd; I don’t want you to be critical of me. See, he works real good under me and vice versa, if you know what I mean.”


“Wow, didn’t take you long to put the rigor in his rigatoni! I thought you were going to slow down, be your own special someone.”

“Some things I’d rather not do alone if I don’t have to, Marge, besides, Lloyd is not at all like any guy I’ve ever been with. You wouldn’t believe what he has in his apartment Marge, floor to ceiling, stacks and stacks of books, even poetry, and he’s read them too, quotes from them to me all the time.”

“Lloyd’s literate?!”

“Lloyd is literary, and when he’s near his books he talks real pretty.”



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