In the Cards

working-template-for-ff-challenges591.pngHere is a second take for the Carrot Ranch September 6, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about an epic workplace. It can be real or imagined. Go where the prompt leads. Seems Marge did not want to be left out as she feels pretty strongly about her place of employment. 

In the Cards

The guys had circled their beer coolers for poker night in Ernest’s garage, where it was less humid than the trailer.

“Marge, I can’t believe you quit being shop foreman to work in this two-bit two bay garage. Left the largest dealership around- state of the art equipment, only working on newer vehicles-”

“Yeah”, chimed Lloyd. “Epic.”

“The work here’s actually more interesting, our customers bring us all sorts of mechanical mysteries to be solved. It’s more personal. And I got tired of babysitting.”

“Oooh, personal! Marge and Ernest up in a tree…”

“Like I said…”

“Epic”, Lloyd repeated.

*************                                      six sentence story.jpg

Of course as soon as Lloyd showed up to play it sure seemed like maybe he and Ilene Higginbottom needed to meet… So the second part is six sentences for Denise’s Six Sentence Story blog hop. The prompt word is “supplement”.


The guys looked up from their game, admiring the mint El Camino that came to an abrupt and dusty stop near the open garage, continuing to stare as Ilene Higginbottom sprang out. Lloyd was instantly on his feet and at the El Camino, insisting on lifting Ilene’s Igloo cooler out of the back for her, even though she protested, pointing out that it was just a little Playmate Pal.

“Yes, it sure is a delicate cooler, a true sign of a lady, which you surely are with your beautiful hair of epic proportions and might I just say that having you play poker with us would be a tremendous supplement to our game.”

“Supplement to our game, good lord, Lloyd, what’s going on, I’ve never heard you string together more than two words before, let alone use three syllable words.”

Marge informed Lloyd and the others that Ilene would not be supplementing their game, that poker night was a guy thing, that Ilene was only coming by to keep Ernest company.

And Ilene, swinging her cooler, did walk around the garage to the trailer, but with a long backward glance at Lloyd who seemed to be tongue-tied once again.


I just added another one. See what happens next in Unprompted.

20 thoughts on “In the Cards

    • Ha! I don’t get the idea! Ernest and Marge just show up as a prompt prompts them. I have no idea where they are headed or what will become of them. But ask Ernest, Marge can be very willful and her friend Ilene too. Lloyd makes Ernest seem sophisticated, but who knows, he may be a diamond in the rough.
      I never thought I’d write something like this either. But I did. Their whole story (so far) is at the Ernest & Marge page at the top menu bar.


  1. I love these characters. I’m looking forward to finding what sparks between Lloyd and Ilene, and love the teasing of Marge and Ernest in a tree. I assume it finishes the way it does here … k-i-s-s-i-n-g? Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

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  2. man, you guys is gonna love my Six

    (lol…. no, seriously! I happen to like Ilene and them. I also identify with you on the joy of having characters that develop to the point of existing independently of the pen and ink (or keyboard and electrons) and, when asked properly, are happy to bring us up to date, maybe even tell us more of their story.)

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