Epic Bragging Rights

  working-template-for-ff-challenges591.pngOnce again I address two prompts with one flash.six sentence story.jpg

At Carrot Ranch the September 6, 2018 99 word challenge is to write about an epic workplace, real or imagined. GirlieOnTheEdge would have us write a Six Sentence Story prompted by the word “difference”. Here’s the mashed flash.


One woman told about her daughter the pilot- she mentioned three children that were pilots and one that worked for NASA.

A man bragged about his son the writer- she enumerated her journalists, published authors, and artists.

She shared her pride for her children that served in the military, fire, rescue, and police forces, beamed about those that had become nurses and doctors, spoke warmly of the children that stayed close to home and were good citizens.

Finally someone cried foul.

“You can’t possibly have so many children!”

“As a teacher I’ve made a difference for hundreds of children.”


24 thoughts on “Epic Bragging Rights

  1. Even though I have not been a professional teacher for a very long time… I would like to think I made a difference for some of the young minds I came in contact with. Then of course one becomes a parent and a grandparent and continues in several professions at once. 😉

    Very nice honorarium for all who teach anything anywhere – including you!

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