At the Edge


They said the world was flat. They were wrong. Then they said it was limitless. She suspected they were wrong about that too. She wore the limitations of her world like a chain. Still she managed to steal away, to walk alone and explore her own edges. She instinctively sought higher ground. From here she could look back and see all the village. She preferred to turn her back on that view and instead look out to the fog shrouded sea, searching, waiting, wondering. Would the news be of return or of release? Cool damp fog stroked her cheeks.


It’s been a while since I have played with words in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photowritephoto.jpg prompts. I struggle more with photo prompts than word prompts and often the photos are simply too foreign for me. This photo did speak to me and that’s what it said, in 99 words.


10 thoughts on “At the Edge

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