Latching On

It is Thursday somewhere within reach of the w.w.w. and so Denise has released the link-up for Six Sentence StoriesThe word of the week is ‘latch’. Ilene and Marge continue their conversation from last week’s Footloose.


“Not for anything, Ilene, but don’t you have your own magic mailbox, you know, the settlement from the mill?”

“OMG, Marge, I do and I just realized if I were a guy I’d be latching onto me! Good times, easy money, but you know what, I end up getting sick of those guys and mad that they don’t change. Well I am going to latch onto me, and I’m going to change, start working again, but on my terms.”

“Did I miss anything while getting your beers?”

“Oh Ernest, we need to toast- Ilene has found her special someone.”

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