Ilene Higginbottom pulled a folding chair from the bed of the El Camino and joined Marge and Ernest where they sat in their camp chairs outside the shop.

“That’s a pretty fancy camp chair, Ilene, dual cup-holders, and look at you, it reclines too!”

“Yeah, I like to put my foot up. This’s the last thing I bought with my ex-boyfriend’s money before letting him go; only thing about him appealed to me was his magic mailbox.”

Ernest squeezed Marge’s hand before going for more beer, told her he’d start dinner.

“Marge,” said Ilene, “What you’ve got is real magic.”


 working-template-for-ff-challenges55.pngWhen the going gets tough and inspiration fails, Marge, Ernest and Ilene come through. This week they are helping me with two prompts in one flash; the Carrot Ranch August 23, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes magic. It can be a supernatural force, a moment or idea, or use it as a verb. Go where the prompt leads; and the Six Sentence Stories prompt “mailbox”, from Denise at Girlie On the Edge.


20 thoughts on “Footloose

    • Thanks Pat. Yeah, I was afraid I wouldn’t find time for either prompt this week, then the combo worked out for this character. These three are not particular and have recurred with six sentences and Carrot Ranch. See them all on the Ernest and Marge page up top.


  1. Marge and Ernest return!
    Thank you for the reminder. “Go where the prompt leads;”. I believe this to be key in writing and so….my 6 just might be sitting alongside yours by the end of the weekend. I’ll have to see where I am led… 🙂

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  2. I’m pleased Ilene got to put her foot up!
    Magic mailbox. Now that’s a juxtaposition I wouldn’t have contemplated. It almost needs more explanation, but I’m not sure if I really want to know. 🙂
    You know what’s magic? Your writing. Pure magic.

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    • Magic mailbox; noun,a mailbox in which checks appear without work, i.e., trust fund checks
      “The trust fund yuppie did not have to worry about employment as he had a magic mailbox that provided income.”

      I hope that clears the term up for you. I’m not sure how common it is. I have only heard it locally.

      You are too kind and I thank you for coming by.

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  3. Settin a spell, are they?

    Nice scene. Solid characters. (I would imagine, feeling at a loss for a storyline, all you have to do is wait for a pause and ask, one (or any) of those three, ‘so hows life been treatin ya?’)
    The coolest thing about characters who reach a certain degree of realness is, imo, asked in the proper way, they’re always more than willing to tell you stories. About their lives and such.

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  4. Nice to visit and kick back – Some characters create their own magic with the help of a writer 😉

    Thanks for the explanation of the Magic Mailbox. I figured as much, but I hadn’t heard the term before. My mailbox is most often magic when it is empty – no bills!

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