I am D. Avery and it’s been 9 days since I have posted anything or written anything new.

I have not quit writing. In fact I have been… formatting.


Untitled 22.png

I am pretty excited to be getting this project finished up. Within this cover you will find (soon) flash fiction previously shown here at ShiftnShake as well as never seen before short stories.

I am in hopes that this publication will find an audience that appreciates the tales tucked within its pages. Thanks to all of You who have prompted these stories and to those Who have come here to read.

Be Bold (JULY).jpg

(P.S. That was 99 words.)


24 thoughts on “Admitting

  1. Woop, woop! Looks great. I’ve been thinking (ooh that hurts) about doing something similar.
    Maybe a coloring book with some short verse for kiddies… or well maybe even do up some of the collected stuff I already got tucked away in bitty binders…
    But my footies are stuck in buckets of ice. And I don’t have a secretary to help guide the way…

    Make sure you give us all the info so we can look it up and order it.

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  3. The horses are running at Carrot Ranch in full salute to your bravery and tenacity and sheer creativity! You. Are. A. Writer! Here’s some cowboy love in a song about being who you believe you are:

    Ribbing aside, I’m super excited for you and proud of all your efforts!

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