Can’t Explain

“Okay, take the car, I really need some cream, I can’t believe I didn’t get enough the last time shopping.”

They lived rural, but not so rural that there was a cow around; on a back road, but not so far back that a trip to town and the store was anything more than a delay and an inconvenience, one that delighted the newly licensed teen.

“I don’t need this cream so badly that you need to speed, just take it easy and be careful!”, she yelled as he raced gleefully to the family car.

Because he arrived at the store in record time, he would have extra time to hone his driving skills on the return trip, taking a network of back roads eventually linking to their back road, some of them further back than others, some quite twisty, some quite bumpy, all washboarded, one with a four corners large enough to blow some donuts.

Finally he drove quite neatly into their driveway, wiped off the carton of cream from where it had tumbled to the floor of the car then walked it into his mother who opened it immediately, but when she tipped it into her mixing bowl nothing poured out.

He could not explain how the carton contained butter and not cream.



The prompt word for Six Sentence Stories this week is “explain“. Thank you Denise from girlieontheedge  for the prompt. Go to the link up to participate or read other responses.


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