#Tanka Tuesday no. 92


# Cinquain Bewitch & Treasure

I’m back for more of  Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge NO. 92, “Bewitch & Treasure,” #SynonymsOnly, this time trying a “Butterfly Cinquain”.




Thieves, plundering,

swooping in bushy tailed,

untended breakfast plate their prize.


No wrath for these grape stealing crooks

beguile with their raiding.

Morning cherished,




14 thoughts on “#Tanka Tuesday no. 92

  1. I love squirrels. And that picture with its mouth open about to eat! I love it !!! lol

    Recently a squirrel got into our trash and was eating a cracker while sitting in the tree looking into the house. It was the most adorable thing. Like a child holding an entire pizza up to its mouth, one hand on either side of this “giant” circle, eating one bite at a time.

    No wrath! Just love!

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    • That is a www photo, not my own. My squirrels are little red ones but similar to the one pictured. Cute, sure… Attitudes are shifting since this posting, as the squirrels are becoming more curious about what the inside of the camp is like. Not sure what form that poem will take.
      And there is a chipmunk who is pretty familiar with my front deck, but the robins have been taking him on, something I wouldn’t have imagined, but I saw it. Maybe he got too close to their nest of babies up in the rafters.
      Norah, the loons lost their chick again this year after about two weeks. It’s very sad.

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      • Oh dear. I’m so sorry about the loons. I wonder what is happening to their chicks. It doesn’t bode well.
        Good on those mighty robins. What a tale! Are they red breasted robins? Are they the only kind? We don’t have robins here. 😦
        Squirrels look cute, but they must keep to their own place.


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