working-template-for-ff-challenges38.png The July 5, 2018, Carrot Ranch prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes buttons. You can use the word plural or singular in different expressions, or focus on how buttons relate to a story. Go where the prompt leads. Charli’s post prior to this prompt was about the cycle of the hero’s journey as a story template. She suggests, “No one wants to answer the call, including your characters. Before you begin your tale about that bold woman in the button necklace or the cool man dapper and tailored, think about who they were before. Or think about the journey yet to come. What if she learns what it is to doubt? What if he’s torn and no longer in control? Poke into the hero’s journey.”

Unbuttoned,   D. Avery

“You’re back late, girls.”

“We’re sorry Granma.”

“You’ve lost a button off your beautiful blouse.”

“Um, I guess I have.” She glanced down at her rumpled shirt then at her wide-eyed younger sister, who still clutched her hand. “At least Sissy has all hers.”

“Well, I should hope so. Anyway, off to bed with you both.”

In the room they shared at the summer cottage Sissy now became the hero, gently helping her unmoving sister get ready for bed, speaking soothingly, her little fingers carefully unfastening each button, bravely ignoring the bruising. Silent tears rolled down both girls’ cheeks.


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11 thoughts on “Unbuttoned

  1. So much centered on a lost button, as if it represents the losses of childhood, trust, and innocence. The relationship between the sisters is drawn so tragically and yet with compassion for their plight.

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