Losses and Gains

working-template-for-ff-challenges34.png  This week the flash fiction prompt from Charli is in response to a flash flood that devastated a friend’s home but not her outlook. We are reminded that “not all is lost when we fall”. We all, like Cynthia Drake , like Charli, have been witness to “amazing acts of perseverance” in our many communities.  Carrot Ranch  June 21, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about “not all is lost.” It can include recovery from disaster, an unexpected insight after a fall, or however the phrase moves you. Go where the prompt leads.

I was led back to Marge Small, who has developed a friendship with Ilene Higginbottom. This is an extended version of the requisite 99 word story. For the 99 word version and to read other folks’ flash responses, click over to Carrot Ranch. .  

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Losses and Gains

Ilene Higginbottom was first to the lawn chairs, Marge huffing behind.

“You are glowing, Girlfriend.”

Marge smiled. Before her friendship with Ilene Higginbottom she would have been sweaty. Now she glowed.

“I gotta sit down. Phew. Do your feet hurt?”

“Not even one of them. Marge, you have to stop walking in your work boots. I happen to have extra left footed sneakers if you want to start there.”

“Ilene, you’re something, the way you’re always joking about your leg.”

“I lost a leg, Marge, not my humor.” Ilene fell silent, scuffing the dirt with her stiff  footless left shoe. “I’m lucky I didn’t lose my life.”

“Thank God. Let’s have a beer to celebrate. And I think I must have lost another five pounds on that walk.”

Ilene watched her friend strain her Dickies as she bent to open the cooler. “All is not lost, Marge, all is not lost.”

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