Wild Blooms

 “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” (Henry David Thoreau)


A bouquet is more than a bunch of flowers stuffed in a jar. The bouquet pictured is comprised largely of what many see as weeds, plucked from neglected margins. Others see wildflowers, beautiful with varied colors and textures.

A bouquet is a purposeful arrangement of individual and diverse flowers picked and placed mindfully and with intent. A bouquet is vibrant and beautiful because of the structures and elements combined in the whole. It is a composition, not a single utterance.

A bouquet is a Gift to be given.


wild blooms, household jarred

bear witness at the table

everyone belongs



rwr-1.pngCharli Mills, of Carrot Ranch, has prompted her wranglers this week to look at bouquets. June 14, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a bouquet. You can explore the meaning of the word or gather a bunch of flowers. Go where the prompt leads.”  I have been led to a haibun.  

16 thoughts on “Wild Blooms

  1. That is a wonderful description of a bouquet, D. I’d not thought of it in such detail. “a purposeful arrangement picked and placed mindfully and with intent” is more than I had considered – an interesting perspective, thank you.

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  2. Ah, thank you, Norah. I don’t think these 99 words that I picked and placed convey all that I wanted, but I suppose any bouquet is a paltry imitation of their rootstocks.
    You know, I once lived in a country that told the powerful myth of the mixed bouquet, its beauty and strength in its diversity. I fear that now that country speaks of monochromatic bunches of mums stuffed flat like a crewcut in crude vases.

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  3. This is a beautiful description of a bouquet. I love the idea of a bouquet of weed flowers. I makes me think of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland when the flowers call Alice a weed. My favourite animated film.

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