Glisten Up, Men

  working-template-for-ff-challenges30.png Pride

William, reaching for his tuxedo, wondered why, of all the birds in the world, men emulate penguins when they dress up. His eyes hungrily took in the myriad colors and his hands explored the many textures of his wife’s clothes. The teal feathered boa from the masquerade ball complemented her sequin shawl that he had draped over his shoulders. He marveled at how both sparkled, the colors shimmering. Emerging proud as a peacock from the walk-in closet, William joined his wife, still pruning and preening at her vanity mirror. Her eyes glistened as he reached for her eyeliner.



Both were tall, strong, good looking. Both had good prospects. Both were getting frustrated over her reluctance to choose.

Wade finally confronted Emerson, demanding they fight each other like men. He demanded this despite her protests for him to stop.

“It’s the only way!” he insisted. “Best man wins!” A crowd gathered around what was sure to be a close and brutal match.

But Emerson refused to fight, said he wouldn’t treat her like a prize purse. He turned and walked away. She caught up. When his eyes glistened with happiness she knew she had chosen the right man.


From Women Warriors to men who glisten with the promise of their better, truer selves, you never know what the prompt will be or where it will lead. This prompt led to two unrelated responses for Carrot Ranch June 7, 2018: “In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about ‘man glisten’. It was a fun term coined by two men with glitter in their beards. What more could it embrace? Look to the unexpected and embrace a playful approach.” 

Head to the ranch to read others’ responses or write your own take on glistening manhood.  

10 thoughts on “Glisten Up, Men

  1. I liked both contributions. Maybe William’s wife knew what she was getting into? I had a friend who almost married a guy, well just more for convenience sake than a true punctual relationship.

    Some guys, like Mr. T wear lots of sparkly gold. And others a tad less. Some gents only wear a wedding band. It is the twinkle in those gents eyes, I think, that tell more than any jeweled addition ever could. 🙂

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