six sentence story.jpgThe Six Sentence Stories cue word this week is “shed”. For my return to the Six Sentence challenge I have provided the next scene from a December 28 story entitled Disbelief. You might want to check that out.

Be sure to check out the other Sixes at GirlieontheEdge and add a story of your own. 


After Jimmy’s dive ended at the bottom of the quarry, that awful silence echoed forever, washed right up and over the walls of granite, a massive wave of soundlessness that enveloped me where I knelt at the edge looking down to the quarry floor to see with my eyes that last thing I had heard.

As if viewing a movie I saw myself back away from the edge, still on hands and knees, saw myself crawl away and heave violently in the bushes, all without sound.

Then I was back in my body, picking my way back down the steep trail that Jimmy and I had climbed to the quarry ledge, all the while the silence a bubble around me so that I couldn’t hear the insects that shrilled in the rising heat, couldn’t hear my own breath hot and heavy in my burning throat.

When I got to our bikes I had to untangle them, hating Jimmy for just dropping his bike, not caring that his handlebar gets jammed in my spokes, but there was no sound as I twisted and tugged and then in anger threw his bike down before I finally pedaled furiously down the hill, the trees peeling away in my wake, my eyes intent on the trail, my ears ringing with the sound of nothing, just that awful silence.

When I skidded to a breathless stop at my dad’s shop, when he rushed to me with a worried face, then the silence thinned and I heard myself as if from a distance, telling about the cartoon, about how Jimmy had slipped on the pebbles like marbles and treaded air before diving headfirst into the granite ground.

My dad called 911 then held me tight to him, and at last I shed some tears; it was then that the bubble of silence burst so I clearly heard the sirens making their way up the old quarry road, clearly heard the soothing lie in my dad’s voice telling me it was going to be all right.


Click HERE for the next installment.

16 thoughts on “Burst

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    • Thank you. I have no idea! I just wanted to participate this week and had no new story or character anywhere to be found so I used this poor kid from an earlier story. I was going to have him go to Jimmy’s mother but then focused on the silence and he ended up with his dad instead. Maybe that’s another story, though, he with Jimmy’s mom. Thanks for the push.


  2. Another view of the same sad, chilling, tragic story. We want them to be adventurous. But we want them to survive, each and every one. You describe the scene so well – both times – I could swear you were there.

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    • Oh, good morning! Yes, see comment above regarding handlebars. A bent spoke tragedy. Yeah, I put that in to show their long relationship so recently changed and the urgency with which he was moving even though time seemed slowed.
      Thanks for coming by.


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