wk-57-symmetry.jpgKid, you know

I was once a kid

like you.

You like, kid?

A once was.

I know you, kid.


See what I did there for Sammi’s prompt? Okay, it’s twenty words but really the same ten reversed. Below is the original poem that I distilled that from, written for “Poem In Your Pocket Day” at my school.  There are also more fast takes on the idea of symmetry. Go to sammiscribbles to link your own ten word response.


Hi kid
You know
I was too
Once a kid
Like you?

I’m so glad you asked
For a poem today
Now we’re both unmasked
two kids both with something to say
You might, might you
as well be bold
for you
will too
Once be old.

You like, kid?
A once too
Was I.
Know you?
Did, kid.



Zero, ultimate symmetry,

portal of infinity.

Neutral, neutralizing.

Nothing. Realizing.


I’ve made it to middle-age;

Now going forwards brings reversals.


Mirror, mirror, imaging me

What you reflect I don’t see.


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