Constant Companion

six sentence story.jpgSix Sentence Story  time again! This week’s word prompt sponsored by GirlieOn the Edge’s Blog is “constant”. 

Jennifer was coming with him to Thanksgiving dinner, her first time meeting the whole family, and now he wondered if he should have explained more about his sister’s situation, but it was too late, here they were and there she was, greeting them at the door, making a fuss over Jennifer, and he just hoped that it would be okay.

When their mother led Jennifer off into the kitchen, his sister gushed at him, “She’s wonderful, Bob, really, I think so, and when Sherman comes down and meets her, he will love her too, I know it.”

“He’s here?”

“Of course he’s here, and Mother’s set a place for him at the table, as always, a place for my constant companion; I do wish you would be more accepting of him after all these years.”

“I wish she wouldn’t still set a place for him. Damn it, Sis, you are forty years old, it’s time you gave up your imaginary friend!”

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