1969_chevrolet_el_camino-pic-49513-1600x1200.jpgEarnest’s old El Camino had never shone so brightly as when Marge washed and waxed it, but he was finally ready to put it out by the road for sale, for it didn’t fit him anymore, and besides maybe he needed to spend his time and money on other things.

He and Marge were just walking away from having placed the sign in the windshield when a pickup, piloted by a big haired wiry little woman, ripped to a stop in the gravel yard in front of the shop. The driver’s side door swung open and Ilene Higginbottom swung out with it, dropping precariously from the height of her pickup truck, talking at Marge and extending a hand even before landing right in front of her on mismatched feet, “Ilene.”

“Yes, I see that”, replied Marge, shaking her hand, “What can we do for you?”

“You have something I want.”

“You’ll have to be more specific.”

“That El Camino; I need a truck that fits like a car, I am having too much trouble climbing in and out of this tank since my separation.”

“Your separation?” Earnest puzzled how Ilene Higginbottom’s status, single or otherwise, impacted vehicle entry, no matter the size of the truck.

“Yeah, since being separated from my leg, I have trouble stepping up.” Both Ilene and Marge guffawed loudly while Earnest blanched and stammered out the possibility of a trade.

They came to terms, sealing the deal with a beer, the women in the lawn chairs, Earnest roosting on a stack of used tires, facing them but unable to keep up with Ilene’s rapid fire prattle, and thinking his own thoughts anyway.

Earnest was thinking that he was glad to trade an El Camino that no longer fit for a truck that was roomy, sturdy and practical. He marveled at how everything in his life was turning out just right. If only Ilene would go home soon, but she and Marge seemed to be having a good time. Earnest smiled and caught Marge’s eye as one of the young robins took advantage of the puddle that remained from the car washing. Ilene, amazingly, paused in her talking to watch it too. She looked at the two of them, Earnest and Marge, who were exchanging glances and remarking on the bird like proud parents. Then Ilene Higginbottom looked right at Earnest, long enough to make him turn colors, before stating, “Earnest, you have a good thing here, you and Marge seem to be a good fit.”

She stood and thanked them both for the beer. “I’ll be off, I got what I wanted.”


From their series; Earnest Biggs and Marge Small

4 thoughts on “Sold

  1. I thought these two were complete, but I love this colourful character, aptly named Ilene, you’ve added for company. I see her being a regular visitor. They are going to have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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