Geo Logy

Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt # 49 challenge is to use three words, resolute, epiphany, and fortitude in a poem or prose piece of 75 words. The photo can also be incorporated. Take the challenge!


Geo Logy

The world is flat. This epiphany came to her in her middle age in the middle of the night. When day dawned she saw it to be true; the world was filled with pointed, edgy, two-dimensional people corralled in their own circles of thought. It took great fortitude to navigate a world such as this. Resolutely she set out, searching for mountains, for valleys, hoping to find a well-rounded tribe that might welcome her in.


Phantom Pain

Six Sentence Story time! It’s been a while, but here are six sentences in response to the prompt word, “limb”. Thank you Denise of Girlie On the Edge for going out on one and growing the six sentence scene. 


She knew something not even there shouldn’t still be felt. She also knew that what she had done had to be done, like removing cancer or amputating an infected limb. So this pain surprised her, for she had thought that ridding herself of something useless, something that would have ended up doing her harm, could only feel good. The decision had certainly seemed best at the time, to just be done with it. It wasn’t that she was haunted by what she’d done, but she hadn’t anticipated the phantom pain. She had terminated him, excised his existence, but the pain he had always brought was extant, still present beyond memory.

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did you know

that sometimes when I laugh

I breathe the world into my belly

I gasp on stars

I spew God out through my nose?

God hands me a tissue,

which cracks Him up.

I am breathless with Realization

which only brings more laughter.

This happens every time We are together.



It is Open Link Night#217 at d’Verse, the online pub for poets. Earlier in the week dVerse prompts had to do with faith and holy places. I have also been influenced by the poetry of the 14th century Persian poet Hafiz, or Shams-ud-din Muhammad. 

Fool-ish Haiku

I am responding to week 214 of Haiku Horizons, where the prompt for this week is “fool. Haiku Horizons provides a haiku prompt each Sunday. This is where that prompt went. Originally a tanka, I expanded it into two connected haiku. 

writing these poems

like squatting in the open

pissing in the wind

no one notices

dribble drying on pant leg

puddle left behind