Born to Be Magic Carpet Pusher Lawdy Mama

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Until Denise shuts me off, I am once again doing a twelve-pack for Six Sentence Story time and am once again featuring Earnest and Marge. Go to Denise’s GirlieOntheEdgeBlog to see more Six Sentence Stories or to link your own. The prompt word this week is “track”.     ***


Born to Be Magic Carpet Pusher Lawdy Mama

“Bring the El Camino over by the hose, Earnest, and I’ll help you wash it, we’ll get her all shiny and ship shape again, get her ready for sale.”

Earnest opened the driver’s side door, carefully lowered and levered himself into the seat, the fuzzy dice swaying and swinging from the rearview as the El Camino rocked with his effort. Three turns of the key got the motor running; the Steppenwolf tape that was in the dashboard 8-track player squeaked to life playing four hits all at once.

“Marge, I’m stuck.”

“Oh, Earnest, I know, it’s your car; you don’t have to sell it if you’re unsure; we can take the sign off and put it back under the carport.”

“No, I’m stuck, the steering wheel is too tight- I need help getting out.”


After a knee scraping head banging backbreaking extrication, Marge drove the El Camino to where Earnest busied himself untangling the hose and finding buckets and sponges.

Heaving herself heavily but unassisted from the vehicle Marge took charge of the washing.

“Earnest, you just sit and recover, look you scraped your forehead getting out of that thing, just get me a chamois is all, a real one, you can’t wash a car without a chamois cloth, and then you just sit and let me show you how it’s done.”

Earnest did as Marge instructed; after producing the chamois cloth he sat in his lawn chair and watched her work, noticed that she didn’t miss a spot, noticed that her foremost parts were darkened damp from leaning to reach all of the roof and hood. He was in awe at the care and respect she showed the El Camino, ever mindful of scratches and streaks, and was suddenly surprised with wondering if she would be this way with children; their children.

When Marge playfully accused Earnest of checking her out and having a one track mind, Earnest didn’t deny it, only now he marveled at where this track could lead.

2 thoughts on “Born to Be Magic Carpet Pusher Lawdy Mama

    • I think they are around forty years of age. They are both big people. If you click on their page you can see their entire tale, which was never intended. In fact it was a one off six sentence story (break) but I joked to someone that his name was Earnest Biggs and she said there was more. Then Marge arrived in another six sentence story (rip) and then they met. Sometimes they come through a 99 word prompt from Carrot Ranch, but usually and originally through six sentence stories.
      Bottom line? I make it up as I go along.


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