The reel deal at Carrot Ranch this week is to, in 99 words (no more, no less) write a fish tale. It can be about fishing from any angle, about those who fish, or what might be caught. Go where the prompt leads. Respond by May 1, 2018.                                                                                          This is not 99 words. To see Marge and Earnest fish in only 99 words click HERE. To see all the Marge and Earnest episodes, click on their page.



“Earnest, let’s go fishing, catch some perch for our dinner.”

“Oh, Marge, I don’t fish, I don’t have a pole or anything.”

“What? Earnest, I had no idea, you poor thing, well you can use one of mine, I’ll show you all you need to know.”

The second thing Earnest needed to know, according to Marge, was how to cast. She had him use a lure because the first thing he needed to know, baiting a hook, was impossibly hindered by his sausage-like digits and, as he discovered, was incompatible with his delicate constitution.

Neither Marge nor Earnest wished to wet their feet in the icy cold water of early spring, but with a long stick they managed to retrieve the pole that Earnest inadvertently cast into the pond. Eventually the pole remained in Earnest’s hands more consistently and only the lure flew about in all directions, at times even smacking down on the water.

“Earnest, you stay here and practice your casting and reeling, I’m gonna try my luck further down.” Moving away she could hear the click of his bail being opened, the whip of the pole tip. Expecting to hear the lure hit the water, she instead felt a sting. The weight of the lure and the velocity of Earnest’s cast ensured that the treble hook pierced right through her pants and had a good purchase in her ample cheek.

Later that evening Marge stood rather than sat at the counter as she and Earnest ate their fish dinner, take-out from the diner after a trip to the ER. Earnest continued to mumble apologies and concerns even though Marge was already joking about Earnest being a pain in her ass.

Later in the week Marge caught fresh perch while Earnest watched. He was hooked on Marge but had all he needed to know about fishing.

16 thoughts on “Reeling

  1. Hi Norah. My six sentence story this week also features these two. (Born To Be Magic Carpet Pusher Lawdy Mama) (A mash of Steppenwolf titles) I need to save reading your post for later, I need to be headed to work. I will have that to look forward to.Thanks for coming by.


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  3. Fantastic expanded version! I love this line “at times even smacking down on the water” because I can imagine that lure all about the place. Theirs is a sweet tale of unfolding discoveries and love.

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    • Glad you liked this version Boss. This week, I just let this one have its head as you horse people say and worried about the 99 after. I usually write with the 99 in mind up front. It was a fun exercise the paring down in a different way, toggling back and forth between versions. I have no idea how many words this one is because it didn’t matter.
      These two are beginning to take over, with no regard for constraints. They are also crossing over between prompters, or not even waiting for a prompt. Yikes.

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  4. I ‘reely’ like Marge and Ernest. They are quite the pair and this story is funny and sweet – two of my favorite things. Interesting process of condensing this longer story into 99 words. Both versions are terrific! – Molly

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