It’s Monday, so as you might have gathered, it’s quadrille time at the d’Verse Pub for Poets. Our challenge? Include the word “gather” or a form of the word in the body of a 44 word poem. Go by the pub to say hello to our host Lillian, to read more responses to this prompt, or to add your poem to the mix. 



rake them up

into a flimsy heap

piled like promises

you will not keep


let them be taken

on wild winds

swirling skittering

clattering din


try to contain them

or let them scatter

unruly thoughts

you cannot gather

mold into words

that somehow matter.


35 thoughts on “Gather

  1. These words
    “swirling skittering
    clattering din”
    I can hear them! And oh yes…..piled up promises, unkept, perhaps not meant to begin with…and the gathering all those unruly thoughts….
    And yes, sometimes that’s exactly what I do….gather a myriad of skittering words and thoughts and mesh them together into a poem! 🙂
    Love this response to the prompt.

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      • You are very welcome. I always enjoy the readers responses as well. It validates the write even further and it’s always interesting to see the effect that your poetry has on others. ☺

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  2. Oh yes: “unruly thoughts…mold into words that somehow matter.” I love this poem. It sums up my own poetry-writing process so eloquently, just as your description of “wildlings” above sums up how I feel about the poems I set free. We really don’t know, do we, what our poems really mean until we hear what they’re saying to others.

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