They’re Back

six sentence story.jpgEarnest and Marge, two characters hatched through responses to Six Sentence Stories are back this week; the prompt word is “hatch”. You are encouraged to write your own six sentence story that uses some form of hatch and add it to the link through Denise’s GirlieOnTheEdge’s Blog. If you are not familiar with Earnest and Marge, click on their page.  It’s okay that I broke the rules again this week and did a twelve-pack. I’m not driving.


Seemed like every time Earnest tried to do for Marge he was done for.

“Earnest, did you notice that bird’s nest in the rafters? El Camino’s gettin’ shit on.”

“I’ll move it.”

“I figured.”

Earnest had hoisted the ladder and climbed most of the way up before Marge told him she’d figured he’d move the El Camino, not the nest.

The mother robin became used to Earnest and Marge sitting quietly in their lawn chairs in the late afternoon, enjoying their beer as she sat the nest, then after the eggs hatched, marveling at her deliveries of squirming meals.

They were both there when one by one the fledglings perched at the edge of the crowded nest before falling away into a first fluttery flight, landing bewildered in a nearby tree, past where the El Camino was parked uncovered, away from bird splatterings, but now dull and dust pocked.

“Look Earnest, the young ones’ chests are speckled, kind of like the El Camino is now.” When Marge wondered aloud where she might point her lawn chair now that the robin family was all done with the nest Earnest immediately retrieved the ladder, anxious to sanitize the carport and return the El Camino to its spot.

Earnest had hoisted the ladder and climbed most of the way up before Marge shared that the mama robin would likely reuse the nest for her next year’s brood.

Earnest came down empty handed and put the ladder away while Marge got them both another beer.


8 thoughts on “They’re Back

  1. I might cite Job as part of assessing the patience that Earnest demonstrates but won’t. (In the parlance of the Wakefield Doctrine), Job was a total roger, full of himself and a born lackey. There is something about the patience of Earnest that I find more appealing. He doesn’t (in the context of this illegal story) complain or whine about what he goes through on behalf of Marge. But then again, easy money says that Marge is in the relationship because she believes that Earnest sees the Marge that she knows (read:hopes) is still within her. Despite what everyone else in her life seem to see.
    …. er Good Six… Good Six

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    • Thank you as always for you comments. I have no idea where these two are headed. But I do appreciate that they can come to my rescue when I think I have nothing for the prompt. (Although I kind of like the ‘I’m not sleeping I’m dreaming of writing’ approach- but who can get away with that?)


  2. Lovely use of the prompt. Earnest, as always, earnest to please, and Marge to give directions. I’m so pleased she was looking out for the little robins – so cute. I had no idea what an El Camino is, but I’m guessing car. (Looked it up. I’m right – obviously good writing.) Enjoyable reading. Thank you.

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