Escape Pod – D Avery

Freya Pickard has a unique way of interviewing writers. She puts them in a small spherical chamber in the far futuristic reaches of outer space with only five items. A distaste for small spaces, lack of oxygen, and science fiction didn’t keep me from the peace and quiet this opportunity offered. Thank you again, Freya!


Dragonscale Clippings

Welcome once more to my Escape Pod Interview series. If you’re not familiar with this kind of post, please read the back story at Escape Pod Emulation!
I’m just opening the door to the Escape Pod to find … Well, I never! It’s D Avery! What do you mean, you don’t want to be rescued?!
As I hurry to the escape pod, the first thing that I grab is my MacBook, because that’s how I like to write and now I will have uninterrupted time to play with words and work on story ideas. Even with being unable, for security purposes, to go on the internet, I will likely get distracted but maybe will finally figure out how to organize and edit photos. I’ll have time, and, fortunately in this futuristic setting I do not have to worry about the battery running down.
I still have my teddy bear…

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5 thoughts on “Escape Pod – D Avery

  1. Interesting….I still have a ‘pet’ from childhood… a dog – that needs re-stuffing. I’ve love all the hair off so he’s a bit bald. But the love those items carry is amazing.

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