Phantom Pain

Six Sentence Story time! It’s been a while, but here are six sentences in response to the prompt word, “limb”. Thank you Denise of Girlie On the Edge for going out on one and growing the six sentence scene. 


She knew something not even there shouldn’t still be felt. She also knew that what she had done had to be done, like removing cancer or amputating an infected limb. So this pain surprised her, for she had thought that ridding herself of something useless, something that would have ended up doing her harm, could only feel good. The decision had certainly seemed best at the time, to just be done with it. It wasn’t that she was haunted by what she’d done, but she hadn’t anticipated the phantom pain. She had terminated him, excised his existence, but the pain he had always brought was extant, still present beyond memory.

six sentence story.jpg


12 thoughts on “Phantom Pain

  1. nice simpatico with my own thoughts on the subject of loss (and change) and the effect on our inner self. Its remarkable how we are so often brought up to believe that the only real world is the one outside of us.*
    The Sixes this week have been especially potent.

    *hell, that observation alone should have been the clue, lol

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