Digital Flash

working-template-for-ff-challenges8.pngEvery age is the digital age. Where would we be without our digits and opposable thumbs? 

The prompt at Carrot Ranch this week had us focusing on fingers, fast fingers, no less. In 99 words, no more, no less. I felt stumped at first, and then managed these three unrelated responses and one other, entitled “Donning“.


Watch Your Words by D.Avery

It was hard for him to catch everything she said, she talked so fast. When angry she talked even faster, emphatically, replete with innovative swear words. Just now she was on a creative streak. She was swearing mad. At him.

“Slow down”, he pleaded. “I can’t hear a word you’re saying.”

That got him an eye roll.

He didn’t need to catch every word. He knew what he had said was wrong and was hurtful. They’d been talking about having a baby. He had signed that he hoped their baby wouldn’t be born deaf.

That’s when her fingers flew.


Idling by D. Avery

Fingers cracking the pod and rolling the peas out into the pot in one deft move. Had that favorite paring knife, remember, always got the thinnest peel off a potato, all in one piece. She taught us all to knit, though none of us have ever gotten our needles clacking as fast as hers. She even tickled trout, would go down to the brook and get all she wanted and not a line or a net.

Now she just lies in bed, her papery hands fluttering to her face over and over, like she can’t believe she’s still here.


 Perched  by D. Avery

Plumes of paper rooster tailed from the adding machine, the cocky accountant’s fingers like frenzied birds swooping and diving at the keys.

She held her pencil thoughtfully, carefully examining the numbers, pecked and scratched at the paper. She didn’t want to ruffle any feathers, but something didn’t add up. Her fingers tapped out a message on her computer keyboard.

The investigation had barely begun when he flew the coop, though he was unable to line his nest as planned.

She got a feather in her cap. The promotion would help her grow her nest egg, which she tended prudently.


15 thoughts on “Digital Flash

  1. You managed four responses! No, you created four brilliant responses. I popped by here to comment on Watch Your Words (the others I commented on at the Ranch). It’s a very clever piece and the first I have read to use that situation in response to the prompt. It tells a lot about the relationship between the two and the difficulty they experiencing in communicating when words and fingers fly.

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    • Gosh, four, yes, but brilliant? Thanks Buddy.
      What do you think of them being piled up rather than posted individually? Do you think that’s how I best ought to do it? Sometimes the second,(or third, or fourth ) come later but these all came pretty close together.
      Thanks for visiting.

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      • I think posting individually enables commenting on each one. I would have commented on each, except that I had read the others and commented on them first at the Ranch. I don’t like getting my inbox swamped with posts though, so all in one works from that point of view for me too. I think you need to do what works best for you. I don’t think I’m your “typical” reader. You could try it both ways and see what brings more readers and responses.
        You’re very clever. I haven’t finished my one yet. At least I’ve chosen a different subject from any of the others I’ve read. 🙂

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  3. Three nice pieces and I give my vote to the middle story because that one got me where it counts to be gotten. You wanna know something weird? In the couple of months I’ve been reading your stories I thought the name of your blog was shiftnsnake and it was just this morning that I realized that’s an “h” there and not another “n”. I blame this on that first “n” and not these aging eyes!

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    • Thank you, I appreciate the comment. Yeah, that one is growing on me. There’s something there. When we see someone old or incapacitated we might not have any idea of what that person once was capable of. People’s hands are so expressive, so vital, that was a pretty potent prompt.

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