Tales of Spring

Frank Hubeny brings the Meeting the Bar prompt at dVerse this week with the Tanaga form. He says: “The tanaga form is part of an oral tradition going back to the early 16th    century.  It comes in stanzas of four lines with seven syllables per line. It often rhymes, even rhyming each line of a stanza on the same rhyme sound, but it can have variable rhyme patterns. It can also have more than one stanza.” As I missed earlier prompts this week at dVerse that had to do with spring, my tanaga will be on that topic.


Now the crocus jewels the lawn

Showing us that winter’s gone.

Colors bursting, buds unfold

Now the tales of spring are told.


Peepers’ songs in evening air

Draw the poets from their lairs.

Shed the cloaks of winter’s night

Warm your soul in vernal light.

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