Dog Gam

What poetics is Paul Scribbles serving up this week at dVerse Poets Pub? Soul gazing, he calls this week’s concoction. Well, I went off the leash a little with the prompt.


Sometimes souls’ legs twitch

in their sleep they vocalize

Running down a dream

Once there was a dog that was always kept on a chain, its yard a hard-swept radius. When occasionally it slipped its collar, it had no locus of control and people wondered at its lack of manners.

Once there were two dogs that did not make a move without their masters ordering it. One of these dogs got many rewards, was rewarded for its every act of obedience. The other dog got many punishments, was punished for any slight disobedience. When their masters were not with them they were confused and people wondered at their lack of manners, at their begging and their cowering.

Once there was a dog that had never known a master, had never been provided food and shelter. It made do, but people were afraid of its snarling wildness, and even of its wary distance keeping.

Once there was a dog that was loved by its master. It loved its master too. They went everywhere together. The dog ran free, and was always near, sometimes leading, sometimes following. People marveled at its manners, and at how it had tamed its master. These two, the dog and master, trusted each other when one went out wandering.

Am I dyslexic?

You wonder at my manners

This speaking of dogs.

40 thoughts on “Dog Gam

  1. Oh my goodness, as a dog lover, I drank down every line. “Someone who understands”, I cry with delight. Dogs are total receivers, and they must get so confused by the messages many of their humans give them……….problems are always because of the owner, not the dog. It is a joy to see a well-loved dog. My heart breaks for all the millions of others. It gets harder to take, the older I get.

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  2. I have mixed feelings about keeping dogs as pets to groom the animal spirit out of them and domesticate them to the point of total subservience. We have a dog who was not raised on a leash but the closer we get to the city the more people are uneasy about her being off a leash. They are afraid their tethered dogs will act up around a dog that is comparatively free and not being pulled around everywhere.

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  3. We had a little Norwich that walked perfectly at heel. Without a lead. Everyone marveled at how brilliantly we had trained her, but we never trained her at all. She just felt that was the perfect place to be and wherever we went, she was right at heel. Now, if only the OTHER dogs would get the idea. They adore us, I’m sure, but at heel? Are you kidding?

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