Hang Fire

It’s Quadrille Monday again at d’Verse. The prompt word is “fire”, the deal is 44 words. The term ‘hang fire’ refers to when the trigger is pulled but the combustion doesn’t happen right away, a potentially dangerous situation if one looks down the barrel to see what is going on.  


In the time before

wise counsel was sought

considered words shared in fireside chats.

This was the ancient fire,

the warm balming one

stoked with communal values.

Fires lately!

Kindled by hate

held overhead like flaming fists

reflected in raging eyes.

Sparking cold fear.


22 thoughts on “Hang Fire

  1. So glad you explained the title (yikes) and how very well it works for this poem. Fear of differences and hatred that it spawns–we are so trapped in a losing situation if we can’t learn to look at each other instead of down the barrel of that weapon.

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  2. I like the way you address current culture without being blatantly political… in one direction or the other. So rare. Your poem reads like something out of the ancient oral tradition brought through the wayback machine. Nice!


  3. This is a scary time, and fireside chats would be most welcome! (And yes, FDR and an era gone.) Thank you for explaining the title.
    (Of course, there has always been fire used for hateful purposes, too–that is not a recent thing.)
    Oh–and nice use of the prompt word! 🙂

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