I haven’t written a Six Sentence Story for a while. I wanted to this week as the host, Zoe, at Unchartered, Recording Life Under the Radar, has given her final prompt word, crane. A regular contributor, Girlie On the Edge, will be taking over the prompting, but I want to thank Zoe for the time she has put in. Her prompts have gotten a couple of serial stories out of me and a couple of recurring characters. To send Zoe off, perhaps in poor taste, here once again are Earnest Biggs and Marge Small.
six sentence story



Outside the department store fitting-room, balanced like a crane, left pant leg dragging dangerously near her one right foot, Ilene Higginbottom was hopping mad, squawking loudly that she’d lost her leg.

“Oh, yes”, said Earnest, trying to help, “I heard, the accident at the mill…”

“No, I’ve lost my prosthetic leg, it’s disappeared while I was trying on pants; I set it down and now I can’t find it.”

Just then an apologetic sales clerk appeared and presented the leg to Ilene Higginbottom, explaining that she had taken it from the fitting room thinking it was meant for a sock display.

“You’re telling me you met Ilene Higginbottom, the woman who is suing the mill where she worked for the loss of her leg?” Marge asked when Earnest shared the story with her that evening. “I’ve been following that case; you know, she may not have a leg to stand on if it goes to court.”


Click here for complete story so far including the next installment, Spring & Everything, a  response to the Carrot Ranch March 8 prompt, balloon.

26 thoughts on “Stumped

  1. I hear the story in my head.*

    *somewhat deadpan, but with enough sincerity to throw the doubters off the scent…

    lets see I’d cast Joan Allen in the Marge role…Frances McDormand as Ilene and perhaps William H Macy as Earnest.

    I trust I’m not over-stepping my bounds as a Reader

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      • I will seize upon this opportunity to recommend some favorite movies.
        Joan Allen was in ‘Pleasantville’ which was, quite simply, one of the best movies of the 90s
        William H Macy you will recognize as a character actor par excellence…. ‘Fargo’ and ‘Boogie Nights’
        Finally, Frances McDormand of quite a few movies, including the above mentioned ‘Fargo’ and the most recent being ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebing Missouri’

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  2. What a way to start my morning… mourning for a lost leg.
    An over zealous sales clerk… and some fun characters brought to life on the inner film of the minds eye!

    (I think I have to go shopping and fill up my larder… at least it is 41 F!)
    Cheers, Jules.

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  3. Now that was a clever ending that left me with a smile, after I pondered how awkward it would be to lose your artificial leg while trying on pants, and then to have the clerk confiscate it thinking that it was a sock display model! What a story that would be to tell for years to come. 🙂

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