Barred Rock

Paul Scribbles tells us that d’Verse  is “a pub where only virtual drinks are drunk and where the real selection on offer is the talent of the group to create word wizardry from any prompt”. I have enjoyed the work of the poets who gather there. When Mr. Scribbles recently suggested that we “Pen a poem about drinking and be as creative as you wish with the word”, well I thirsted to participate, even though I am short on time. I won’t be mixing up a new concoction for this prompt, but will share the following poem from Chicken Shift, my book of fowl road crossings and foul roadkill.


Barred Rock

A chicken walks into a bar

Then realizes she’s in the wrong joke

Sits beside the gorilla anyway,

Orders a Jim and coke.

She looks to her other side

And who is sitting there?

Eating shoots and leaves

She sees a Panda bear.

And in the backroom, reserved for cigar smokers

She sees a group of dogs, around a table playing poker.

She has another drink, says, “I lay, but I don’t lie.

I’ve got to cross the road, though I can’t think why.”

The gorilla was gallant, he picked up her tab

And he suggested it’d be best to cross the road by cab.

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