Ancient Breaths

The beauty and the misery of grey –   in Haibun Monday,  over at d’Verse says, “Today I would like you to consider grey as a subject for your haibun”. This is my first haibun, a mix of prose and haiku. I went where gray led.
Gray is the disembodied peal of buoy-bells, of foghorns. Gray is the rock face drummed by the relentless pewter sea. Gray laps at the shore of dream state. Gray is the wrung colors from your heart. Gray is the color of communion, the color of oneness. Gray says ‘let go’, that you may go forth with your brush and your palette. Gray is the soft murmuring of a secret door, an opaque window, a mirrored portal.
ancient breaths of gray
inspire wonder plumed ponders
fogwebs cling and clutch

25 thoughts on “Ancient Breaths

  1. I wasn’t aware of haibun, so you enlarged my world with your poetic prose and beautiful poetry. Your use of imagery is wonderful, and creates a richness to the grey, giving it power that we often reserve for colours with more depth. Thank you for giving me something to both wonder and ponder today – a perfect combination.

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    • Norah! (Did you ever notice under the SMAG badge over there the F.O.N. ? It stands for Friend Of Norah)
      Anyway, I hadn’t heard of haibun either, until I started doing this WWW thing and seeing it in different prompts. This is the first time I gave the form a go. The haiku part pushed my {poetic} licensure but that’s what flew out today and I let it bee.


      • That’s so cute, D. Thank you. I’d noticed both the badge and the F.O.N. but wasn’t sure what the F.O.N. meant. I like it. I am very honoured to be your friend, and that you would add the SMAG badge to your blog.
        We learn lots when we get tangled up in the WWW web, don’t we? I love it!

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    • Thank you! I am glad you liked fogweb. I was struggling, trying to make a nice haiku, then this one came and pushed the other work to the side. I have been intimidated by the form, but gray spoke to me. I will most likely try haibun another day.


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