Mother Church

th.jpegFor the Carrot Ranch prompt this week I add on to an earlier story, Nashville Dreams.   In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that features something black and white. It could be a nun in a zebra monster truck, a rigid way of thinking, a bird in a tuxedo — be imaginative and go where the prompt leads. Respond by February 6 , to be included in the compilation. All writers are welcome!

Mother Church

Outside the Ryman, hoping for coffee, I watch an agitated couple; seeing me, they hand me a ticket, say ‘enjoy the tour’, disappear up the street.

I’m happy to go inside, warm, with clean bathrooms. Not how I dreamed it, but I’m going to the Mother Church.

For hours I sit in the pews, awestruck. Memories and magic spirit the altar of the Grand Ole Opry stage. Tourists come and go but I remain, unmoving. I am moved. I am restored.

I leave, hopeful again. Looking up I see, high above this haunted town, a bald eagle, searching, soaring.

8 thoughts on “Mother Church

  1. A worthy tribute to the Mother Church. The music from those hollowed spaces speaks like the Mother Tongue of many who immigrated and toiled in coal mines and logging camps and know those songs by heart. I enjoyed your character’s perspective, seeking both the warmth of shelter and that of restored hope.


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