Even Hugh Heffner had a robe, Earnest realized, but all he had was not-so-whitey-not-so-tighties, and those not within reach.

There were many reasons why the undressing was not strongly imprinted on the template of Earnest’s memory; beer, darkness, and excitement had all conspired to make the undressing a manageable, if not memorable, experience, but now Earnest felt trapped in his own bed, retreating under the covers. Marge was still at his side, and he was uncertain when it might be okay to recover his clothes, and uncomfortable at the prospect of being out of them in front of her.

And then Marge just rolled out on the other side of the bed, and, without a stitch, started backtracking, picking up shirts and pants and even boots, gathering up each piece of their clothing until she stood beside the bed, stood before Earnest, holding their clothes, outer and under together, and asked if he supposed it was time to get dressed, maybe go pick up her Craftsman rolling tool chest now.

And Earnest, new as he was to having a woman in his room, in his life, Earnest recognized that with her question she was telling him, through her initiative with the clothes gathering she was in fact telling him, that it was time to get dressed and go get her tools.

And Earnest, new as he was to all of this, and in spite of the fact that he knew what she expected him to say, he looked at this naked woman holding his clothes with her clothes and he said that no, it wasn’t time, her Craftsman rolling tool chest could wait, that getting dressed might take a while.



Earnest and Marge, the morning after. A Six Sentence Story for Zoe at Recording Life Under the Radar, prompt word this week; “Dress”. Earnest Biggs first showed up in Big Break and Marge arrived in Ripped,. They got together in Tuff Love and more so in Trailing. And now, due to popular demanding Jules, find them all together on their own page.


19 thoughts on “Dressing

  1. A fun addition to be sure… I know these two have a room, but do you have a ‘Page’ for them? It would be fun to see ‘them’ all together.

    (Oh I figured out my reblog issue… I have to add that button back, or not)

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  2. Hmm. We might see more of them! Like Ernest, I’m a bit undecided if that’s a good thing. I might take my time to think about that one. In the meantime, I’m plenty happy enough to read more of their story. What a great pair! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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