Tips for Writers: By What Authority

I am reblogging this vintage post by Charli Mills because I can. And these wise and well written words from four years ago still ring true. The starling has since molted, migrated, and morphed into an eagle, as evidenced by a more recent post, Seeking the Well.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

During NaNoWriMo* 2013, a fellow Wrimo** wrote a tweet along the lines that by 2015 every person on Twitter will have published a novel. That’s probably because writers were tweeting #NaNoWriMo  and #mybook like starlings garbling in a copse of cottonwood trees. It seemed that only novelists or aspiring novelists existed in November.

As one of the starlings, I think that’s swell; I’m not alone. How terrific it is that so many people are writing. If people are writing, people are reading, and I’m of the opinion that books cement important pillars of humanity, including imagination, critical thinking and life-long learning.

However, to those standing beneath the cottonwoods, it sounds like chaos–too many starlings.

Go beyond November’s gathering of novelists and we still have busy writing tweets, many linking back to blog posts such as this touting, “Tips for Writers.” What to read? What to write? By what authority? Tweet…

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