Possible Poem


stands a tree

a pencil

tempting me

I reach

to look inside

suddenly glides

a serpent


slants across the paper

everything possible


uncontained uncontrollable

imperfect state.

But wait…

follow these words’

winding track

gather them up

bring them back

as Poem.


I am playing with words with the good folks at dVerse. Today’s prompt is:                              A Quadrille, for those of you new to the form, is a poem in any form of exactly 44 words, excluding the title. Yes, you can play with hyphens. You may rhyme, meter or whatever. Just keep it at 44 words and include the prompt word: POEM or a member of its family.

23 thoughts on “Possible Poem

    • I had never heard of it either, but she said 44 words was the only real criteria, so…
      I had played on the page with this poem, with the pencil standing up and the snaky words slanting across the page but couldn’t get that to transfer. Hrumph. Oh well.
      Thanks for your kind comment.
      Go to dVerse and give this a go!


  1. I really like the sound pattern this makes. It’s a lovely set of images, too. The word placement on WordPress is tricky – I think some people put up an image from another programme. I know there are proper words for all of t hat, but I can’t think of them at the moment. Formatting. That’s a word.

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