Wage War

“Jesus, Woman, those are my hard earned wages you’re spendin’ there, leave me some beer money, why don’t you.”

“I’m ‘spending’ on solid food and electricity, unless you’d begrudge such luxuries.”

“It just doesn’t seem fair. Just because I make more than you do doesn’t mean you should use all my money on the bills.”

“I already went through my wages this week trying to keep up with expenses. And if you want to talk ‘fair’, tell me why it is that you make more even though I’m the one that works two jobs.”


Wasn’t sure I’d make Six Sentence Stories this week, but this just in.


6 thoughts on “Wage War

  1. What a …depressing(ly) common situation to breed unhappiness. lol (damn! I wanted to do a ‘sharp-angle’ punchline on this comment. Missed by this)
    Household economy voted Number 1 reason for: family discord, nights-sleeping-on-the-couch,days of silence, mornings of recriminations, (false)expectations, disappointment and a growing urge to re-read Tale of Two Cities.

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