Story Hunting

On the trail of another flash fiction piece for Carrot Ranch. January 11, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about wet ink. It can be artistic, writerly or something completely off-the-wall. Go where the prompt leads. Respond by January 16, 2018, to be included in the compilation (published January 10). Rules are here. All writers are welcome!

Story Hunting

Recognize the spoor, that tuft of hair on the twig, ink like blood on the ground; this one’s been hunted before. It’s okay if someone else spooked it, if it crosses your path it’s fair game. Don’t follow too close, don’t give chase too soon. A direct approach will send it running. Same with your searching eyes; relax, over-focus and you’ll never see it. Trust; your quarry will reveal itself to you. The shot has to be well aimed and certain. Make sure it’s in the clear, ready for its own end, final and swift. There; there’s a story.


8 thoughts on “Story Hunting

      • A walk in enchanted woods…

        (giggle) To each them own stuffs. I like poetry, especially short forms – I guess I stuff a bunch of stuff in that too – but to me poetry seems easier. However the metered stuff, not so much. Maths was never my best bud. Though Maths and I have gotten better acquainted through the years. I’ll leave Higher Maths to folks like my hubby… he’s an EE with a degree-ee.

        Hope you are keeping warm. 26 F is bone chilling.

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  1. Another bit of shared serendipity — I did three months with a life coach. Hunting came up in our work together and I realized I was a story hunter. Then I picked up The War of Art and Stephen Prentisse gives a powerful analogy to the writer showing up every day like the hunter who provides. You found something on the writer’s trail with this one!


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