“Oh yeah, this party is just getting started!”

No one paid much attention to her husband’s emphatic and very loud proclamation, because the fact was the party, a backyard barbecue, had been going on for quite some time, but she noticed the trademark wobbling and toppling but miraculously never falling down that caused his friends to nickname him Weeble, and she knew that the party was coming to a close.

Accepting his invitation to dance, she maneuvered him lurchingly to the truck even as she said goodbye to the others, even as he proudly slurred about how lucky he was to have a strong farm girl that knew how to take care of him, even as he made specific suggestions towards that end.

“Don’t start anything you can’t finish, you old drunk”, she admonished him even as he fell into open-mouthed snoring sleep.

The next morning, reaching for her hand, “We had a real good time, huh?”

“Don’t even get me started.”


Written for Ivy’s Six Sentence Story prompt, “started” at Uncharted

35 thoughts on “Wobble

  1. I haven’t even looked at CR yet…Six sentences looks like fun – though I need another prompt place like I need another hole in my head…

    I remember “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”
    And some how that became a punchline to a joke about bulls in a farmers field.
    “We Bulls wobble but we don’t fall down”… Ah… here it is:

    Yepper it’s a tad chilly. The fortune this winter is “Be prepared because it’s ‘shifting’ cold!”
    hmm…. what was that they’re saying about global warming… ???

    I used to spend summers in the ‘country’ and knew a few folks who could fit right into your story.

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  2. Regular is as regular does. Six did the trick with these two characters, but he prefers a 30-pack, cans. He believes (and it’s true) that it is 5 o’clock somewhere and that to not day-drink is to waste time. Thanks for coming by. And happy new year to you all.


    • Thanks for walking by. Enduring for sure. These two have known each other a long time, and though they often get testy with each other, rarely angry.
      Six sentences is fun but there’s a lot of latitude. Click the link to see other’s takes and to try it yourself. It has been a smallish but regular and good humored and supportive group. I have joined intermittently starting just a few months ago.


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