Mists – #writephoto


Meet them at the windbreak he’d been told, just before dawn. They’d be waiting there in the line of trees with a wagon, just don’t be late.

He couldn’t take the road of course, had to swing down around the swamp, then through the woods, in the dark. He had gotten turned around, had to do some calculating to come out to the fields, those endless fields. He came out all right, but at the wrong side of the field, the wrong windbreak.

His hopes hung thin as the morning mist as the hounds tuned up, tolling like bells.


Twofer; written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt and for Zoe’s Six Sentence Story prompt, cue word “tune”. 

writephoto.jpg                               unnamed-11-e1462409384457.jpg



15 thoughts on “Mists – #writephoto

  1. Clearly (from this and other Sixes) we are all infected with the spirit of the season; and for some ( “…the hounds tuned up, tolling like bells.“), this seasonally acute, non-curable condition has more of an effect than others… (lol, kind of a long way for a joke).
    Very engaging. I kept thinking I could hear a (deliberate) rhythm, more within individual sentences than among the sentences that made up the story.
    Nicely done.

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